About us

- Our Mission -

To connect military friendly businesses with the military community!

The Road Less Traveled

Read along as we provide you our roadmap to where we started and where we will go.

It all starts back in 2008 when our Founder visited a museum before heading on another combat deployment. When paying for admission he is told they give a military discount when the employee see's his military ID. After looking around to see any signage Aaron starts thinking something needs to be built to show our military members and their families where they can shop and receive savings while supporting local businesses.

While conducting combat convoys overseas Aaron starts developing the groundwork for how this will happen. There needs to be a web and mobile presence. How will business owners know who they are and how will they be able to reach back out to them and say thank you? How will veterans be able to prove they are a veteran without showing a DD-214? What does everyone involved want? This started and was completed in 2012 when the first version of the Military Cost Cutters website was launched. It was a very basic minimum viable product that barely touched the surface of what was to become. It was generating traffic and the feedback was great! Military members and their families were happy they could show support to local businesses that they didn't know offered a discount before and business owners were connecting with their customers and retaining a loyal following.

After having his identity stolen, Aaron decides something really needs to get solved and sets out to build what is known today as our MCC mobileID. He hits the ground running and visits with business owners to see if they would like to be part of the solution to the problem. Military Cost Cutters first business signs up in late 2014 and user growth starts happening. By mid 2015 they partnered with their 100th business! Slowly they continue to expand as business owners and military members are seeing the value being created and soon Military Cost Cutters will be in a few states.

This journey has been one with many lessons learned and many laughs shared along the way. Military members have been able to connect with each other and the camaraderie is a great feeling. As we look forward to many more great years we ask that you continue to live each day to the fullest and that you reach out to us for any questions, comments, or concerns. We are here for you and we thank you!