Frequently Asked Questions

For Military

Military Cost Cutters is a platform for connecting military friendly businesses with veterans. This can be seen on our website, mobile app, and through our Loyalty Rewards program! We also have other features that you can discover when visiting us.

You can sign up via our website and mobile app. You can download the mobile app for Android and for IPhone. We also have the added feature of attaining a mobile ID that will prove your veteran status for discounts. This is a new feature that currently isn’t available everywhere but will provide updates as we expand. You can email to request your location.

You search for discounts via our website, mobile app, or look for our window stickers in businesses offering a discount. When you visit their store ensure they are participating in our Loyalty rewards program by seeing our sign and QR code at the checkout register. Scan the qr code with our Military Cost Cutters mobile app, show them your mobile ID (or your actual military ID) and that’s it! Repeat process…. Over time you will get special deals from participating businesses that are pushed to your account. To redeem just look for them on the homepage on your Military Cost Cutters app, open the special deal and show the person working at the register, and redeem your offer. Just remember to scan the QR code every time you are at the register to keep up with the special deals. This is one way for our military friendly businesses to show their support hence our Loyalty Rewards Program!

Use your Military Cost Cutters mobile app wherever and whenever you want. You have the ability to search via GPS just in case you are traveling or you are new to an area. You can use your mobile ID wherever businesses are participating. If you see our sign at their register then they are supporting. If you don’t see our sign then let them know they should be and to contact us to set them up!

You are in luck! The benefit of our program is you will never lose your mobile ID. By simply having our Military Cost Cutters app and signing in, your mobile ID will be there every time. As we are currently launching this new service, we are limited on where we are issuing these ID’s, let us know where you are and we’ll do our best to head that way!

Log in to your Military Cost Cutters account on the mobile app you will have an inbox of all the special deals that are being sent your way. You can see when they will expire and who has all sent you one. Simply pick the reward you would like to redeem and visit that location. Visit the employee at the register and show them the reward. They will redeem it for you and you will enjoy the reward! Just remember to scan that QR code every time you are checking out.

For Businesses

A QR code is a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares. Basically when a business decides to purchase and enjoy the perks of the Loyalty rewards program then they will get assigned a QR code specific to their business and location. You will have it in your business profile and can print instantly. You will then display at your register and enjoy the increased traffic!

There are several options for the types of services we provide for businesses and the costs associated for that particular service. We have options for those who simply want to list their discount on our website and mobile app, listings for employment ads, and finally the full blown Loyalty Rewards program. The Loyalty Rewards program is tied to our PayPal account on the website when signing up for this program; every other option is handled via our separate invoicing system. Simply pick your desired package, pay through PayPal, and you are on your way, that’s it! If you can afford a coffee a day then you can afford this program as it doesn’t cost half as much! You can always contact us at for any questions you may have throughout the process.

It takes literally minutes! We have set it up so that it is simple for everyone involved. Register, pay through our PayPal system, and you can instantly start displaying your QR code and discount on our platform! If you would rather have us do it for you then we will be happy to send a sales rep to your location or arrange another way to get you setup. You can get that set up by emailing

As part of your business membership when you purchase the Loyalty Rewards program package, you will have the ability to push special deals out to those who have visited your location. To send any other types of special deals out please contact us at and we can discuss your options.

Our unique position within the veteran community allows us to have a distinct advantage. The ability for us to reach your targeted audience and run your program allows you, the business, to direct efforts elsewhere. This combined approach will improve your ROI as the target audience and our patent pending system creates a valuable addition to your marketing and customer retention.